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To conduct a lockout, a property seizure, in Queensland you need to ensure that the position is lawful, that it is legally defensible.  It is general done as a result of a breach of franchise conditions, a court order, as part of a bankruptcy or debt action or the enforcement of terms of some other agreement.  It may be done as part of the actions to execute a warrant of possession.  Less commonly it is down as part of company actions to prevent the egress of hostile union personnel.

When we conduct a lockout we generally make a reconnaissance to determine what is required, then attend with a locksmith. It is preferable to conduct a lockout without conflict, so the optimum time may be out of hours for business premises or during the day for a private premises. Where a warrant of possession is to be executed it is generally accepted that the police will attend with us. 

There are times when, after seizing a business premises, it may be necessary to have ongoing security. We are licensed security providers, as well.

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